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Jun 18, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. >>> the leaders of the world's wealthiest economies have shared their thoughts on everything from global financial markets to the civil war in syria. but they didn't always agree. the heads of the group of eight nations wrapped up their summit at a resort in northern ireland. they said they would take a tougher stance on money laundering, but offered few specifics. >> we launched negotiations on the biggest bilateral trade deal in history. we agreed a lock earn declaration that has the potential to rewrite the rules on tax and transparency for the benefit of countries right across the world, including the poorest countries of the world. >> the leaders agree that tax authorities in their countries would do more to share information. they want to better track the profits of international corporations to make sure they pay their fair share. they found less common ground on syria. >> it's no secret that there were very different views around the g-8 table. but we all share a vital interest in bringing this conflict to an end, and helping the syrian people to achieve the change they want. >> cameron sa
Jun 17, 2013 6:00am EDT
morning to you. leaders of the world's most powerful economies are gathering in northern ireland for a two-day summit. british prime minister david cameron is the host, and he's pushing for countries to share more financial information. leaders there also expected to discuss differences on some of the big issues. syria's civil war, free trade between europe and north america and of course global tax evasion. we'll have a live report from steve sedgwick on the ground in the next hour. >>> unions in turkey, they're on a owuone-day strike over the eviction of protesters from a park in istanbul. police and protesters clashed from sporadically overnight following a weekend of scuffles in the city. nbc's richard engel will join us with the latest in the next hour. >>> also in corporate news this morning, a large activist investor in smithfield foods is pressuring the company to explore a break-up rather than go ahead with that planned $4.7 billion takeover by a chinese meat producer. i don't know if this is going to make joe happy or not, but "the wall street journal" reporting that starboard va
Jun 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
is in cities and metropolitan contraries because these are the engines of the economy, centers of trade and investment. top 100 metros so only one ace of the land mast, two-thirds of the population, three quarters of the gdp and on every indicator that matters, infrastructure and human capital and innovation. 75, 80, 85, 90% of the nations share. there really is no american economy. what we have is a network of metro economies and they're now stepping up and doing the hard work. >> but at the same time we all know that some of the toughest economic challenges are the state and local level. >> absolutely. but the great thing about metropolitan areas is they're not just governments. you know, the federal government is a government. state governments are government, metropolitan areas are networks. and we see that these networks are finding really creative and beneficial ways. >> rose: networks between what? >> networks of different companies, different philanthropic groups, different individuals, all coming together. they have loose or tight connections. and they can fund things more-- in
Jun 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
economies in terms of -- because they need europe to be able to take their stuff. watch for china -- i don't know who's really running that country, but i can tell you this, their deceleration in economics is just incredible. it's not bringing us down. >> china may go down below 7%, 6% growth this err year. we are right now the tallest building in elmira, new york. >> it's the shung kamao bank. >> how do you know about elmira, new york? >> i come to play. >> you do come to play. we may be the tallest building in elmira, new york, but people keep buying the dollar. what are you going to do? go to europe? go to china? they're all train wrecks wait to go happen. >> you can't feed china. that's a big issue. 700,000 recespiratory deaths la year. let's go to john meacham. speaking of smoking, he smokes way too much. john, you look at europe, the g-8, they were all lecturing president obama three years ago. sarkozy, where is he now? who knows? he's probably staying at your place in the south of france. >> oh, no, unh-unh. >> but united states is in this strange position of just sort of crawling a
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Jun 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
the reason the fed would taper. the reason the fed tapers is that the economy is markettedly better or marginally better. the fact is it's seen as a negative somehow. we got better than expected housing data today. that's not holding on to the gains. the narcotic association -- national association of home builders index, right hand of the screen, rose from 52 to 42 in may, the highest since 2006. today, the engines roar, kicking off the start of the paris air show, the show where the top airlines and all the big makers show us and show their wear. is shares of boeing like what they saw today. shares of boeing at a new high after a ceo had confidence in the brand new batteries they reinstalled in the dream liner, and it received an order for ten 787 10x. that's good news for boeing. nicole on the floor of the new york stock exchange, the spy case, and silicon valley opens the books to the government because the government asked for information. we'll get more on that story. and we have a cautionary tale of china being the spoiler on detroit's comeback. yes, detroit's auto world come
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Jun 22, 2013 12:00pm PDT
, thank you. >> a little background on brazil. it's one of the world's largest economies coming in as number six. it was ninth in gross domestic product, it's expected to grow a 4.2%. inflation is up at 6.7% for the past year. rising rate fueling concerns there may be a another round of interest rate hikes. poverty rate stands at 21.4% with more than 41 million people considered poor. we will continue to follow the unrest in brazil. coming up later this hour, rick grenell the spokesperson for the last four ambassadors to the u.n. he will join us live. >> gregg: immigration reform is debates the turn in spotlight. next week on capitol hill, but can u.s. scenarios behind the bill actually gin up enough support for its passage. elizabeth plann has the story live from d.c. bureau. >> the immigration reform bill starting to take shape in the senate while republicans in the house continue to form what they think is a solution. just as the president says it's a pathway to provide citizenship for folks that wanted to come here and stay here legally while bringing relief to a struggling
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Jun 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, given the fact that we are becoming energies efficient with fracking? our economy is growing, the dow is up today 161 points, can we ignore the world events and continue to go on with the kind of relationships we used to need? >> no. i think it is more important that america become a player. we still have so many other issues. as the world is getting smaller, america must exert their influence in ways that were unforeseen 20 or 30 years ago. we have to be engaged. if we take an internal role of we are not needed as we were, i think that we do it at our peril. lori: a lot of economists are very concerned about this currency war that is underway. you have countries at the g8 representing $7 trillion in global economic wealth. do you think that that topic will come up? how do you realistically have a discussion about a trade deal if you do not talk about what is really going on. >> there is no question about it. if we will have a trade agreement, it has to be free, it has to be fair, and it has to be equitable to all parties. if one party has an upper hand, it is honored as a breach. com
Jun 18, 2013 4:00am PDT
bit. still means that there's monster stimulus coming into the economy. - were you surprised, though, how quickly people traded off that news coming in from the wall street journal, and then the financial times, during the session? that really moved the market. - i think there has been very little volatility. the move index, which people don't talk about too much, is similar to the vix index. the vix index is the volatility index in the stock market. the move index is a similar index for the bond market. it was at an all-time low at the beginning of may. it was at about 48. as of last week, it got into the mid 80s. so in may, i don't think the market necessarily, from a chain-weighted option volatility index, was expecting much of a move. as these numbers came into the market and some of the rhetoric came into the market, i think it caught people a little bit behind in terms of their hedging. so i think that caused the market to rally and race a little bit to get to a point where people feel like if there is some tapering, they are a little more comfortable with where rates are. - go
Jun 19, 2013 11:00am PDT
anticipated meeting on the economy. and the result of that meeting could affect your retirement savings, your ability to sell your home, buy a home, your 401(k), your cash. the list goes on and on. as we know, everyone sits with bateed brea bated breath waiting for the voice of ben bernanke. christine roman, good to see you. we're hoping you can translate some of the fed speak in language we can all digest. i know this is your beat. tell me, we're awaiting this statement. what will you be listening for? >> what we know is we have seen the statement. we know there's no change in the amount of bonds the fed is going to keep buying, that stimulus into the economy. no change in its interest rate target. really i would say overall no change from the fed right now. and that is what so many people wanted to know. will the fed chief, will ben bernanke, continue to stimulate the economy. they're putting $85 billion every single month right into the economy by making these bond purchases. what we can tell you, the statement from the fed, that's going to stay the same. they are not announcing how, when,
Jun 17, 2013 9:00am EDT
people have looked at the economy and said, wait a minute, we're not nearly to the point where the fed can take its foot off the gas. but if you look at their forecast for not only this year, but even moving forward, they are a little bit ahead of where consensus is and that's key to what they. >> 2.6. i want to see loan growth. you don't have new splurge in housing, obviously, because the people are kind of caught up by the rates. but, yes, the stocks that acted well last week, i used again mills and bristol meyers, imminent recession in 8 to 12 months. they bottomed. you don't want to see that. in other words, this is the fed step as way and people believe that there's nothing there. i'd like to think the fed stays in, until we get more than one month of good loan growth. >> to that point, you are talking about my multiple stocks there. they had something to be taken out of them given what were, what multiples -- >> 18, 20. >> higher than some of the peers in the biotechnology sphere which is hard to believe because they're going at a good rate faster. >> i don't want to get caught i
Jun 18, 2013 4:00am EDT
on the economy but signaled this in no way means rates will go up. that led to a bit of a swoon in stocks during the session yesterday. the dow gave up more than 100 points. robin harding, who wrote the article, then took to twitter to tell everyone to chill out. he later defended his piece on cnbc's "fast money." >> the fed has a one-week blackout during which it doesn't say anything to anybody. so, people need to react to the content of the story rather than the existence of the story. and what i've seen happening today, and i think we saw it happening last week, too, is the market was reacting as if there's some secret bat signal coded here. >> asked if the article was timed for the greatest market impact, harding says he has nothing to do with that, that "the ft" sends out pieces when they write them. i mentioned mr. draghi as well. he says the ecb is looking at negative to positive rates with an open mind and with all intended consequences, rates becoming more effective. again, another measure we looked at on the considered possibility of having a break on deposit facilities, speaking in je
Jun 20, 2013 8:00pm PDT
into the economy to prop it up to prevent a depression is going to start drying up. peter kenny is the chief market strategist at knight capital group. i guess the question is two days nearly 4%. makes people afraid. and it should make people afraid t. question is, is this temporary or something that could get worse and worse? >> it's a real wake-up call. i do think this is a short-term trend. given that, we are in a period of volatility since chairman bernanke did mention tapering back in may, which is where we had our highs. >> which means i will stop giving you this free market. >> meaning we have seen the most volatility all year. sideways to lower, the last two days significantly lower. there is probably some work to do on the downside in the near term. this is something that's needed. a pullback is needed. we need to get back to more compelling evaluations in the index stocks generally speaking. so it's not as if this is completely destructive. it's a question of a longer period of trend. >> it's pruning. >> that's a great example. >> when you look at five years ago when this whole, they call
Jun 19, 2013 6:00am PDT
, dana, you would think maybe he would talk about the global economy because, you know, germany's still very much struggling with its economy. it's so much tied to the united states. why not talk about that? >> well, it's hard to imagine it's not going to be at a least implicit in his speech. but one of the things that people may not know about president obama is that when he was here in the capital, when he was senator obama, that issue, the nuclear issue, was something on the top of his priority list. in fact, when he was campaigning in 2008 and making the point when he got to the general election that he could work across the aisle with republicans. one of the examples he could give is working with former indiana republican on the nuclear issue. that they even traveled together on it. this is actually something, he wasn't here very long as a senator. he didn't even finish his first term, but this is something when he was here briefly he did focus on. the other quick thing i want to point out, gloria talking about the big crowd of 2008 and the much smaller crowd here now that he's pre
Jun 19, 2013 10:00am PDT
years. he believe that's going to be a big problem. >>> we're following the economy. whether or not it's looking up. there's mixed opinions. >>> men disappears from the workplace. we'll take a look at the job market. that's happening up next. >>> then, the jury selection continues in the george zimmerman trial. we're hearing from trayvon martin's parents. they are sitting in the same room as their son's alleged killer. >> it's difficult. seeing the killer of our child sit there with this big stare as if he did nothing. >>> she didn't want to testify but she did. just two weeks after her apparent attempted suicide. paris jackson says she's a daddy's girl. she's been devastated and lost since michael jackson's death. we'll have the latest on her condition, her testimony. that's in the wrongful death case against her father's promoter. matt's brakes didn't sound right... i brought my car to mike at meineke... ...and we inspected his brakes for free. -free is good. -free is very good. [ male announcer ] now get 50% off brake pads and shoes at meineke. >>> president obama calls for fr
Jun 19, 2013 4:30pm PDT
reserve, ben bernanke moved the markets today with highly anticipated remarks about the economy. he said the economic outlook is improving, unemployment is falling and expected to fall further as a result, the federal reserve will likely ease up on buying bonds, but that could drive up interest rates, including mortgage rates, which are at historic lows, wall street shuttered with the news. stocks fell more than 200 point. >>> still ahead for us tonight, the story that inspired an oscar-winning film and now a real-life drama with one of the more feared men in america on trial for murder. >>> inspiring bond for life, once perfect strangers, brought together in an extraordinary act of heroism on a bad day in this country. brought together in an extraordinary act of heroism on a bad day in this country. when i first started experiencing the pain, it's, it's hard to describe because you have a numbness... but yet you have the pain like thousands of needles sticking in your foot. it was progressively getting worse, and at that point i knew i had to do something. when i went back to my healthc
FOX News
Jun 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
relentlessly pumping into the economy. >> based on its review of recent economic and financial developments, we see the economy starting to go at a greater pace. >> in the world of the federal reserve thatasses for tony soprano-style drama. stewart varney, the anchor of varney and company. explain what ben bernanke said and why it got such a reaction. >> reporter: ben bernanke threatened to take away the biggest economic stimulus program we have got going for us right now. at the moment ben is printing a trillion dollars a year. he's threatening to reduce that to zero as the mid of next year. the immediate result is bad news for homeowners because interest rates are going up. home buyers. it will be tough to get a reasonably priced mortgage. and your 401k goes down. president obama is stuck. this stimulus has been taken away. he's got obama-care which has been labeled a train wreck. ben is likely to take away a very good stimulus program. martha: we will final out if this improving economy is a emperor with no clothes. what is that going to mean for everybody out there? >> you are asking the qu
Jun 17, 2013 4:00am EDT
the economy offset these gains in some of the financial sectors. shrugging off weakness in the mainland, property place outperformed hong kong helping the hang seng gain 1.2% today. the sector rebounded for the second session after very sharp selloffs recently. so we may be seeing some bargain hunting here. and elsewhere in australia, banking shares helped at the sx 200 reversed earlier losses ending higher by 0.7%. but under pressure, down 0.3%. and some of the southeast asian markets also trading in the green at the moment. back to you, ross. >> all right, catch you later. joining me in the studio, co-ceo of wells fargo financial services. american stocks down three out of the last four, this after good gains this year. is sentiment going to be shifting around now over the next few months as we question the fed and japan? >> undoubtedly we'll continue to see a lot of volatility. just look at this morning. we have the nikkei up 2.75%. today we have the futures up in the u.s. about 1% and within europe, about 0.75%. and i think we'll continue to see that. the question about japan is, do
Jun 20, 2013 4:00pm PDT
plowing into the economy to prop it up to prevent a depression is going to start drying up. the chief market strategist at knight capital group. peter, i guess the big question is, two days, nearly 4%. you know, that makes people afraid. and it should make people afraid. the question is, is this temporary or something that could get worse and worse? >> it's a real wake-up call. i do think this is a short-term trend. given that, we are in a period of volatility. since chairman bernanke did mention tapering back in may, which is where we had our highs -- >> meaning i'm going to eventually stop giving you this free money. >> we've seen a the lot of volatility in the market, more than we've seen all year. and sideways to lowered the last two days, significantly lower, this probably more work to do on the down side in the near term, but this is actually something that's needed. a pullback is needed. we need to get back to more compelling valuations in the indexes and stocks generally speaking. so it's not as if this is completely destructive. it's really more a question of longer term tren
Jun 15, 2013 8:30am PDT
something like that happen but here? emma but the turkish economy has been booming under the prime minister, and that is also why he still has many supporters. >> i work here. i think we improved the district. >> but these authoritarian tactics will turn the entire district into a powder keg. >> but look at what the protesters are doing -- there have been fires everywhere. they broke the windows of my friend's shot over there. >> traces of this violence are everywhere around the square, but most of the demonstrators want peaceful protests. right now, they are preparing for another onslaught of water hoses and tear gas on the part of the police. more than 1000 people have been injured, and two have died in protests across the country. that has only strengthened the resolve of the activists. >> we want a government that is environmentally responsible and that follows the law, if government that helps overcome in justice and allows us more freedom and greater rights. >> a sit-in to save the trees has become a struggle for greater democracy in turkey. as darkness falls, another restless night b
Jun 17, 2013 4:30pm PDT
of the $72 trillion global economy are meeting to discuss a whole array of issues. that set by the agenda of david cameron. key nations such as the united states, russia and japan are all here to discuss trade issues, there are great hopes of a trade deal between europe and the united states that could be worth up to $100 billion in the united states. we're going to be talking about tax avoidance issues which could have ramifications for companies such as amazon and google. those companies say we are abiding by the laws of those countries. elsewhere the whole syrian issue overriding a lot of talks. there's a big dispute between president putin of russia and the rest of the g8 nations about what to do. president obama said to me earlier today, the talks had been excellent between himself and russia. there appears to be an opinion about how to resolve this crisis. for nightly business report, i'm steve sedgwick. >> in another bit of international diplomacy. the european union is likely to approve the plan without any conditions. the $10 billion deal would combine the owner of the new york s
Jun 19, 2013 3:00am PDT
news that we need to know. big day for the economy. >> it is "b" day, ben bernanke, deciding how long to keep up propping up the economy, is the economy strong enough to stand on its own? wall street nervous, the dow posted triple-digit moves, you guys, past six sessions, dow futures up 29 points right now. brand new cnn/orc poll most americans say the economy is in poor shape and when it comes to people's finance more pessimism. 44% say they're financially worse off than a year ago, only 36% say they're better off. no improvement from last year, no improvement. the stock market is up 13% and there's no improvement from last year. >> she's getting emotional about it. she's got a frog in her throat. >> cnn money released a list of best places to launch a business, montana, vermont, new mexico, and if you want to launch a business there you go. >> i'm thinking north dakota, i did a piece in north dakota about the fracking industry and how it's booming. lowest unemployment. >> the lowest unemployment in the country is in north dakota. i hear it's lovely this time of year. >> not a lot of
Jun 21, 2013 1:40am PDT
'll always know where she is headed. let's begin with worries about the economy here and around the world. >> overseas markets are lower this morning after a drop in the dow. here with more is abc's marci gonzalez. >> reporter: from the opening bell, deja vu of plunging stocks. the worst day of the year on wall street with the dow dropping by more than 350 points at the close. the second consecutive day of stunning selloffs. >> people start panicking. so they sold. >> reporter: investors say the drop is largely due to of all things good news about the economy. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke announcing if the economy continues improving the central bank could soon begin winding down its stimulus program which pumps $85 billion into the market each month to keep it afloat. >> we have had training wheels on our economy quite some time now. we are getting word the training wheels are going to have to come off, slowly come off. we are going to see if we can ride this bike on our own. >> reporter: market uncertainty has had some impact, leading to mortgage rates climbing above 4% for the
Jun 19, 2013 2:00am PDT
into the economy but with the economy recovering, there's talk the fed may soon turn off that spigot. but when, when, when? investors hoping not soon. sparking a rally yesterday with no clear answer. the dow moving up and down 1 soo points the past six sessions. today, it's b-day, all about ben bernanke. to taper or not to taper. that's the way the banks at cjl puts it. chrysler caved. it took it down to the wire but in the end, chrysler decided to recall 2.7 jeeps. the automaker resisted pressure from the government waited until just the deadline, the government could have forced the recall of all of those jeeps. the jeeps in question, the 1993 to went 03 cherokees and the 2002 to 2007 jeep liberties. chrysler still maintains they are safe but will look over the vehicles -- voluntary recall to look over the vehicles and fix anything that needs to be fixed to avoid a fire. >>> the nsa snooping controversy continues, google filed a first amendment plea against the nsa. google wants to share information with the public about secret government programs. google said its reputation and business hav
Jun 17, 2013 1:00pm EDT
, so when does that mess over there start forcing gasoline prices higher and maybe the economy, not just here, but globally lower? sue is at the new york stock exchange. hi, sue. >> hi, ty. food to see you. when a monday on wall street to start out week. the dow has been on the move, smartly higher. right now a triple-digit advance on the dow right now of 166 points. the s&p and nasdaq also in green territory with the s&p up just better than 1%, and the nasdaq is up 1.25%, so actually the nasdaq is faring the west of the three indices 3-m, delphi a hitting all-time highs and boeing, staples, amat hitting 52-week highs. the dow having a triple-digit move, but this is the fifth straight move th session where we've seen that kind of move. a look at the vix and we'll talk about that in just a second. the last week it was up 8%, and that brings us to bob pisani who also tracks the volatility. >> we do, and while it's been up since may 22nd when mr. bernanke gave his congressional testimony, the important thing is steady as she goes. the last few days, real found a floor. look at the
Jun 17, 2013 4:00am PDT
firm is moving back to the financial sector with the housing market recovering, the economy stable, and businesses and consumers ready to borrow. a number of critical shareholder meetings are coming up, including a meeting today of elan shareholders. and this one is big. elan has been the focus of the hostile takeover battle of the year, and now the company is up for sale. board members want royalty pharma to make an offer. the company already rejected royalty's $6.7 billion bid. what's at stake are profits from elan's potential new blockbuster drugs. friday, shares closed up $1.05. meanwhile, office depot's largest shareholder is pushing for decisions. starboard value claims the office supply company failed to hold a shareholder meeting to elect new board members. starboard wants the board elected now, in the event the company's plan to merge with office max falls through. a special shareholder meeting is set for july 10th. the new contract for caterpilllar workers went into effect sunday, and just as employees signed off on the deal, cat is laying off a third of the workers nex
Jun 15, 2013 7:00am PDT
seats on. everyone has been squeezing the coach class. they have premium economy seating which gives you basically what you used to have but now you got to pay an extra $30, $40 for that space. so what they're doing is they're saying if you want the cheapest seat, you're going to the back. if you want to pay a slight premium, we will hit you with those fees and $36 billion worth of fees were collected just last year. >> it is amazing. mark murphy, thank you. >> thanks. >>> a room full of some of the biggest stars in the gop. the faith and freedom conference happening right now, but what's more interesting is the big gop star who is not showing up. vo: traveling you definitely end up meeting a lot more people but a friend under water is something completely different. i met a turtle friend today so, you don't get that very often. it seemed like it was more than happy to have us in his home. so beautiful. avo: more travel. more options. more personal. whatever you're looking for expedia has more ways to help you find yours. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check
Jun 20, 2013 1:40am PDT
of this talented actor and all of the reaction to his tragic passing. >>> turning to the economy. news that the days of record low interest rates will soon be over. federal reserve chairman ben bernanke says the economy is improving so much the fed will end its stimulus programs next year. the prospect of higher rates for mortgages and car loans sent stocks into a tailspin with the dow losing more than 200 points. >>> a new documentary is fueling controversy over a devastating plane crash in 1996. twa flight 800, exploded over long island on its way to paris killing all 230 people on board. a four-year investigation that included piecing the plane back together, determined that a faulty fuel tank brought the plane down. six people involved in that investigation claim there is a cover-up. >> it was either a terrorist attack that they wanted to ignore or an accident as a result of military operations that went wrong. >> i find that ridiculous, quite frankly. everything i heard so far is just a rehashing of old speculations, if you will, that don't match the facts of the investigation. >>
Jun 21, 2013 7:00am PDT
and says the fed is go ease up on buying bonds. the reason is because the economy is getting strong enough to stand on it's own. if the economy is better, why would the market tank like this? >> people don't ever want to think, you know what, i can do better in bonds than stocks. a lot of people are hiding in stocks. good dividends, good yield. the bond market is safer so they're selling stocks to buy bonds and people who are in bonds are freaking out too because they think the fed is no longer going to support them. there's uncertainly everywhere. >> the bigger picture here, it's about interest rates. historically low for a long time and now interest rates are going to go up. do you think right now, if your opinion, is the economy strong enough right now to with stand the concept of money getting more expensive. >> yes. yes, it is. doesn't seem like it because we don't have the employment growth we want but at the same time we have a lot of industries doing really strong. i wish our foreign trading partners -- i wish china was doing better, and europe was doing better. we're the strongest
FOX News
Jun 19, 2013 8:00am PDT
harmed the iranian economy. and one way of doing that, perhaps, is having a smooth negotiator who might help ease sanctions. but easing sanctions by coming to some sort of arrangement with the west does not mean an end to their nuclear program, and that's the supreme interest that we in the united states, all of us in the west have in making sure that this uniquely aggressive regime doesn't get nuclear weapons. so to bamboozle ourselves into thinking that rouhani is a figure who has authority and who will reach a modus vivendi with the united states, i think, is dangerously self-deceptive. and everyone is calling this guy a moderate. you know, there were nazi moderates. there are moderates in any political spectrum. he is a creature of the regime. jenna: jim, your final thoughts on this. >> yeah. i'd love to be able to get some points in here on this. his policy, and he would acknowledge this, repeatedly has called for the bombing of iran, so it's no shock to me that suddenly when there's a chance that there might be progress in a negotiation, he's throwing a million talking points and
Jun 19, 2013 5:00pm PDT
six months as the economy improved. people purchase cheap suits submit date look good for the to again look for work. >> reporter: less talk about home prices spurred we see a lot of gains a with things level off or continue? >> higher interest rates are happening marlowe's are no longer recall all spirit people are seeing real estate values go up and they're putting their homes up for sale. double in my neighborhood where there was once tan are now turning. this is where they should be. it got too hot, then it became too cold so now is beginning to level. housing bids are becoming higher. friend of mine tried to buy a home in long beach california and 20 percent over the asking price. >> reporter: how about apple tv? things are looking up for them. >> i love mine apple tv and i can watch my game a thrones and that's a good day. 21st century is not about watching things in your living room is about watching tv on the gull! >> we really wanttime with that sas that it is a little bit of bad news for apple. i do not want to pay for hbo? but to buy a whole season of game of bronze from my
Jun 16, 2013 7:00am EDT
of a neoconservative than liberal. they want perpetual war for perpetual peace. i understand why. the u.s. economy is based on militarism. that is something that we have to get away from. i think the three dangerous people in the senate are lindsey graham, john mccain, and now kelly ayotte. kelly ayotte may be the most dangerous woman in the world because she is one of the last of the neocons. i'm afraid she's a little too late to the party could we are getting sick of it. i am a ron paul republican. everythingt about all along. everybody puts them down because he is, but at least he does not believe in perpetual war for perpetual peace. host: thanks for the call. this on our twitter page -- you can live in the northeast or midwest -- you know fracking is a big issue as hurling continues. it has created an economic boom and parts of pennsylvania and the upper midwest. the headline from the "weekly standard" -- as we said, the president is heading to northern ireland for the g-8 summit. from jack joins us from minnesota, on our line for independence. caller: good morning. i hope you can
Jun 20, 2013 7:00am PDT
of buying bonds to keep interest rates down, saying the economy is getting stronger are. well that could ultimately send rates up on mortgages and cars and credit cards. >>> you might pay less this summer to cool your home. the energy information administration says milder weather predicted for this summer may save you some money on your electric bills, even if it's just a few dollars month, but we'll take it. >>> if you're planning a trip to yellowstone or grand teton national park, be forewarned, the parks have issued a health advisory warning advice gore an outbreak of norovirus in the park that has sicken and the least 200 people already, even before the big summer season starts. the advisory is telling visitors to wash their hands a lot. >>> paris launched a campaign for improving its reputation. some tourerists complained that waiters, taxi drivers and sales people there come off as rude at times. local tourism officials are giving out manuals to people who work in paris with guidelines for better etiquette. >>> new baby pictures to show you this mornle. take a look at these adorab
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